Reduce Moisture - Maximize Energy


Logging residue and thinned wood that are intended for bioenergy is exposed to moisture through rain, snow and ice when stored in the forest. The Walki®Biomass Cover is a strong, paper-based laminate perfect for protecting such materials and increasing its calorific and financial value in a simple and convenient way.

For most of the year precipitation is greater than evaporation, which is why it is essential to protect the forest residue from moisture if it is to be ideal for use as bioenergy. Using this unique cover therefore allows the wood piles to become considerably drier than if they were left unprotected.
Measurements have shown the moisture content to be reduced by up to 18%, ensuring the material is perfect for use as bioenergy.

Covering increases the value

As the moisture content in the forest residue decreases,its calorific value increases, allowing the residueto become considerably more valuable. Given the competitive cost of the Walki®Biomass Cover, it easily pays for itself in a short time. Moreover, it allows the pile to be stored for longer in the forest.


Additional benefits

Using the Walki®Biomass Cover could not be simpler. It islaid onto theresidue using the same machinery that gathersthe residue, and, due to the fact it consists of mainly renewable fibrous materials, it can be easily chipped along with the residue. Walki®Biomass Cover can be delivered in 4 or 6 metres widths, it is the widest cover available in the market and is packed and delivered in 200 or 300-metre reels that are ready to use. The reels can also be easily printed to identify the owner or to give instructions for use.

Green, sustainable and

The Walki®Biomass Cover is made mostly from renewable, fibre-based materials. Its use promotes the creation of energy from biomass in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

It meets all legislation criteria and encourages companies to invest in green and sustainable energy.

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Walki has defined the OBEY concept (short for “Optimise the BioEnergy Yield”) to ensure that each consecutive stage of the value chain works towards the common goal: to maximize the amount of energy obtained from the biomass. OBEY covers the different measures from harvesting, drying, stacking and protecting the wood to chipping and transporting it to be used for sustainable energy. We urge all forest companies to OBEY – and do better business! www.obeyinfo.com